2 words: THOR MARATHON. I was so lucky to be able to attend the Thor marathon yesterday! It was such a blast! They played Thor, The Avengers and then Thor: The Dark World! Time went by SO fast watching Thor and The Avengers, it was crazy! I’ve never seen Thor in 3D, so it was really nice to finally have the chance too. I’ve also never been to a Marvel marathon before, so I was excited to see what they were like!

My outfit of the night:

photo 1wefwef Outfit: Loki tee (WeLoveFine.com), Loki hoodie (Hottopic), and Lego Loki Keychain necklace (Target and Lego Store)!

But once we got there…. THIS WAS THERE:

photo 2-5wefwef

And of course, a photo shoot occurred:

photo 3-5wefwefwf wwefwefwef eewwefwef

I wanted to take this home with me SOOOOO bad!!!

We then got in and got our posters (which were HUGE!) and our lanyards! (The other side had Thor!)

photo 2-3ewfwef


On the way to our theatre, I saw this poster and knew exactly what my life is gonna look like next year:

photo 1-3efwwef


Then we settled in for Thor……..Thor was AMAZING IN 3D. SO AMAZING.

Also, between Thor and The Avengers, I was lucky enough to score these two amazing items from the Disney store: photo 4-3weffwe photo 3-3wefwef It’s an Avengers hoodie (feat. Spiderman and Wolverine!!) and a Thor’s helmet beanie! 

And then The Avengers started……. and it was just as good the x1,000,000th time! 😉

Then our 30 minute break until we saw Thor: The Dark World started. I thought it would go by slow, but it was pretty fun because their was so many Marvel fans/Hiddlestoners, that their were plenty of awesome people to talk to. I got so many compliments on my Loki hoodie! It was great!! 🙂

They also did trivia in-between each movie. I knew the answers to some, but didn’t get picked. It didn’t bother me though because we were all about to watch Thor: The Dark World. I couldn’t handle the anticipation! SO MANY FEELINGS!!

And then: THOR: THE DARK WORLD BEGAN! (I’m gonna save that post for Monday, that way people will have a chance to see it!)

Fast forward to after the movie… just Thor and his adopted brother! It was an awesome end to an awesome night!

photo 5wefwfe

I LOVED this marathon! It was super fun and I can’t wait to do another one!

Did any of you guys go to the Thor marathon yesterday?! If so, what’d you think? Win any trivia prizes? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for reading! 🙂


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