Some crucial stuff happened on this episode and it wasn’t my favorite… until the end!


The opening! The opening hooked me! I LOVED it! But how about the rest of the episode?

Not too too much happened in this episode, other than the council finally visiting and the voodoo queen receiving the head of her minotaur friend… who was still blinking. Odd. And then we found out that Cordelia’s husband has been cheating on her… but is also a murderer. Also odd. It also showed a bit of Fiona’s past which was interesting. Okay. Maybe quite a bit happened in this episode, but it just wasn’t as interesting to me as the past 3 episodes.  All in all, this episode has been my least favorite of the season, but I think the ending redeemed it! Like I said at the beginning, I loved the opening, but the ending was awesome! I was so happy to see those 3 zombies come to the door. And then there was more! Many more!

But since I thought the ending was amazing, I bet I’ll LOVE next weeks episode!

Let me know what you thought of this weeks episode in the comments below! Love it? Hate it? I’d love to hear! 😀


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