This month has been quite a fun month for the blog! With loads of Halloween themed posts and trying on costumes, this month = a success! I have one more costume to show some of you. If you follow me on Instagram, you might already know what costume I’m talking about. My costume this year is pretty different than most of my costumes from past years. I never really goes as anything “creepy” per say (Other than that one year when I went as a zombie doctor). I usually go as a character from some movie or show like the 11th Doctor or Jack Skellington. But this year after seeing the You’re Next trailer for the first time, I knew I wanted to go as one of the masked killers!

They’re eerily creepy + the masks were actually manufactured and given out as promo items! I tried to go to the screening at SDCC, but with no luck. I saw a woman with two of the animal masks and I freaked! I wondered how she had got them. Turns out they gave everyone in the audience a mask at the screening. Of course once I got back from SDCC, I went straight to eBay to find one, but none came up. I finally gave it a couple weeks and more and more masks were becoming available, but they were WAY to pricey. FINALLY, after the move made it’s U.S. premiere, the masks went down in price and I was able to score a lamb mask for about $28! I love it so much and will always treasure it! It’s such a great piece of memorabilia of one of the greatest horror movies of the year.

Incase you don’t know what the lamb from You’re Next looks like, here’s a pic:


And now for my costume!

photo 3-1edws

Creepy, right?!

I just wore my black Her Universe manga hoodie (closes hoodie to all black I could find), black jeans, and not pictured, black Doc Martens!

photo 4-1sgf

I feel it adds something extra to this costume. 🙂

Here are some closeups of the mask and it’s promo tag:

photo 2-1wsDA photo 1-1AEF

That’s it for my Halloween Eve! Let me know what you think of it in the comments below! Planning any costumes yourself? I’d love to hear! But for now, I’m off to go watch some Interview With the Vampire, American Horror Story: Coven and RoboCop! Happy Halloween Eve, everyone! 😀


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