I absolutely LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas. You probably can tell from past post’s, but this is my all time favorite Disney movie ever. I fell in love with this movie a couple years after it came out, but it has stuck with me ever since. With great characters and a soundtrack worth dying for (see what I did there?), this movie was perfect. It also introduced me to the world of stop motion animation which would soon become an obsession of mine and Tim Burton.  Everything about TNBC is magical. For one thing, it’s both a Halloween and Christmas movie. What other movie has done that? There isn’t one song on the soundtrack that isn’t worth putting on repeat! My favorite songs have to be This is Halloween and Kidnap Mr. Sandy Claws. Both of those scenes in the movie are my favorite! I could watch those on loop for the rest of my life! Ahh! And now for the characters! Of course my favorite character is Jack, but Zero comes close. I love how his character transforms through the whole movie. It’s wonderful. But where would Jack be without his one true companion? (That isn’t a ghost dog.) Another close favorite of mine, Sally! With her limbs falling off and her having to sew them back on herself, I’d say she’s pretty memorable.

The Nightmare Before Christmas isn’t your typical Disney movie and I think that’s why I love it so much. And yes, I have seen it in 3D when it had it’s limited run in select theaters before blu-ray 3D was thing. My mind was blown. The snow looked beautiful in 3D.


I adore the original, but I’m not gonna lie…. I wish there was sequel. It may be unnecessary, but I want to explore the other doors and see how Jack responds to those holidays. Fact: Their was gonna be a sequel, but it couldn’t have been stop motion. It was gonna be CGI. Suffice to say, they made a right choice NOT to make a sequel. But if they decided to come back and take time to make a stop motion sequel, I’d be completely fine with that. 🙂



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