I felt this post was appropriate since yesterday’s post was inspired by THE NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE The Nightmare Before Christmas, so of course I had to dress up as Jack Skellington as least once! I got this costume years ago and they don’t make many more these days. But comparing this costume to todays version, I love this one WAY more! This one feels more like Jack even though we’ll never be as skinny and tall as him. 😉

photo 2g53

This costume is pretty comfy and has lots of room to breathe! I only have worn mine once, but I plan on wearing it again! It’d be perfect for any convention in the fall because it’s not as hot as you’d think. But of course it’s PERFECT for Halloween! Which is why I got this in the first place! It’s one of my favorite costumes to this day!

I tried to search the web for this exact version, but looks like stores aren’t selling them anymore. I found this one on eBay, but it’s pretty expensive. I’m not even sure I’d spend THAT much on this costume, but if you are wanting to be Jack for Halloween and can find one cheaper, I’d highly recommend it!

Thanks for reading! Let me know what you think of this costume in the comments below, I’d love to hear! 


photo 1w43


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