I just got back from seeing Carrie and I HAD to talk about it! This movie was high on my “VERY excited to see! Please hurry up and come out already!!” list. Of course, I was super sad/disappointed when they postponed the movie months ago, but now, I’m actually happy they pushed it back to October! Why?! Because this is the only scary movie coming out this month! Weird, I know. Usually we have Paranormal Activity to keep us company, but not this year. Ok, let’s talk about Carrie:


Number one, with this movie taking place in todays age, it brings a fresh breath of air to the classic, Carrie. It modernizes it for todays age which I really liked. It felt like they were making a brand new movie and not just copying the original.

This movie has a really good pace and keeps you wanting more! I knew this was gonna be a fantastic remake just based on the trailers and it sure didn’t let down. If anything, it blew my expectations away. I was REALLY excited to see Chloë Grace Moretz portrayal of Carrie just because it’s such an iconic role. And guess what?! She did fantastic!! I loved her portrayal! Also, Julianne Moore did a GREAT job as the over protective, religious mother. This cast was well put together.

And of course, the most coveted scene in the whole movie: PROM! That scene was PHENOMENAL! The director, Kimberly Peirce, did a really good job! I loved it!

Of course, they’re some people will say the original is better than the remake and vice versa, but I say a great movie is a great movie! 😀

Let me know what YOU thought of Carrie?! Do you like this version better than the original?! Let me know in the comment below! It’d love to hear!!! 😀


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