There’s nothing I love more than a good horror movie! (Well, maybe Pokemon!) But no horror movie would be what it is without it’s main character, The Killer! And with Halloween around the corner, I’ve decided to round up my top 5 movie killers!

1. The Strangers!


Even though this is more than one person, this group is HORRIFYING! I loved this movie and even bought a mask which looks like the guy in the middle, but I definitely wouldn’t want to run into these guys anytime soon!

2. Ghost Face! (Scream)


This is probably the only character from a horror movie in which I’ve had nightmares about! There’s something about Ghost Face that is eerily creepy!

3. Michael Myers! (Halloween)


He’s a slow killer…. meaning that he’s REALLY slow. He doesn’t run, he just walks… but he usually gets his victim! Can’t get much creepier than that!

4. Jason Voorhees! (Friday The 13th)


With his machete in hand, this killer almost always gets his victims and he’s usually not kind about it! 😉

5. Leatherface! (The Texas Chainsaw Massacre)


Not matter which Texas Chainsaw Massacre movie you watch, new or old, he’s still pretty freaky! These movies always have a sense of isolation and it doesn’t help knowing this guys the only person around!

Let me know YOUR favorite movie killers in the comments below! I’d love to hear!! 🙂


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