Hey everyone, with Halloween getting closer every day, I thought’d I’d share some of my favorite costumes I’ve put together from the past few years! I’ll be posting a new one every week up until Halloween!!

First up is my 11th Doctor costume! I got my 11th Doctor costume way before they had an official 11th Doctor costume (don’t worry! I’ll def be getting the official one!), but this one is still great, non the less!

 Screen shot 2013-10-15 at 8.56.48 PM

Check it out here! It’s now pretty expensive. When I bought mine, it was about $40-$50.


I wore mine for Halloween last year, but any Doctor Who costume comes in handy all year round! They’re investments!!

DSCN2228 DSCN2230

I went a size up just to be careful, but it was definitely a little too big! So I recommend just going with your regular size! This outfit was SUPER fun to wear! It was funny because last year, Doctor Who wasn’t so well known. Barely anyone knew who I was cosplaying as, but today that’s a completely different story!

Let me know what you think of this costume in the comments below!? I’d love to hear! Thanks for reading! 😀


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