I’m not quite sure how many of you guys go to the movies quite often, but if you dont, I HIGHLY suggest Gravity! Here’s why:

Gravity isn’t just an ordinary movie, this is an experience. You’ll go through all the fear Ryan (Sandra Bullock) goes through to get back to earth and feel the horror that Matt (George Clooney) feels knowing whats to come to save a life.     This movie is SPECTACULAR! I’ve never felt that scared/frightened/claustrophobic in a movie before. Gravity does all this and it does it well.

The CGI in this movie is probably the best in any movie so far. You can’t tell, which makes you actually think they shot this in space. It’s crazy!

Of course, Sandra Bullock is amazing in this and so is George Clooney, even though his scenes are short.

I came out of the theatre in awe over how fantastic this movie was. I’d been waiting for it for quite sometime and I even got to attend a panel featuring the director at SDCC which made me even MORE excited. Just hearing how they made this movie still astonishes me. I highly recommend seeing this in 3D! It adds to the movie by so much!! Gravity is a visually stunning movie and it definitely plays on almost all your emotions in ways you didn’t think a movie could. The director, Alfonso Cuarón did a TERRIFIC job! His directing made you believe you were in space and that you, the audience, were up there with them. The 3D really helps bring all this together!

I give Gravity 10/5 stars! It was just so amazing!!

Did any of YOU guys see Gravity?! What did you think? Let me know in the comments below! I’d love to hear! 🙂


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