Loki, portrayed by non other than Tom Hiddleston, is a very prominent character in the Marvel Universe. Loki was basically a side character in Thor, but fans have loved him SO much, that he was placed as the main villian in The Avengers! Everyone knows who Loki is just by seeing the outline of his indistinguishable helmet or by just hearing his voice. (That one may just be super Tom Hiddleston fans 😉 ) So why is there barely any Loki merch? By barely, I don’t mean we don’t have ANY Loki merch, I just mean, we have a few action figures, a costume, shirts, (thank you WeLoveFine! They make the best Loki shirts in my opinion!) and a few other things. I mean, there IS quite some Loki merch out there, but it’s NOTHING compared to Thor. Thor is on backpacks, folders, notebooks, cups, plates, AND even has his own helmet which you can get for about $10, but still, you never see Loki on all that stuff and to get Loki’s helmet, you have to buy the whole costume. What made me think more on this really was when Build-A-Bear announced a Thor costume. I am ecstatic over it! BUT I would also love for Thor to have his brother, Loki.

I tried to think of reasons Loki needs more merch, but I could only think of 2!


THEY ARE AMAZING! I’ve never been part of a fandom that is as kind as Hiddlestoners. They congratulate you, support you, spread all the awesome news about Tom Hiddleston you could ever want and so much more! I follow some on Twitter and some even follow me! I would have never known about Richard II being on PBS’s website if it wasn’t for @HiddlesEducates! (Thanks! It started getting me to watch The Hollow Crown.) PLUS, this fandom has all sorts of inside jokes.. like velociraptors! 😉 It’s just great! I know we’d all buy all the Loki merch we could if they offered more!

2. He’s basically a main character, so why not??!!

Loki is a pretty big character! I know A LOT of people fell in love with him when Thor came out! Marvel knew what the fans wanted and now I’m pretty sure even more people fell in love with him when The Avengers came out! One Loki fan even made this petition for Loki to be in his own standalone film… it has over 25,000 signatures! Big movie Villian + STRONG fan base = YES! MORE MERCH!

I could only think of those 2 reasons, but to me, they are 2 GREAT reasons! For now, I’m happy with all the Loki merch that we have (I CAN’T WAIT FOR THAT HOODIE!!!), but I would like to see more in the future! I definitely know a few people who’d love to see Tom’s face on more things 😉  I think it’d be a huge success!!

*I follow some AWESOME Hiddlestoners on Twitter, so here’s a list of AWESOME HIDDLESTONERS FOR YOU TO FOLLOW ON TWITTER:






Are YOU a Hiddlestoner?! Wanna be featured on this list? Tweet me the word, “Loki”!

Thanks for reading, everybody! Feel free to let me know what Loki merch YOU’D love to see in the future in the comments below! 🙂


2 thoughts on “Why We Need More Loki Merch……

  1. So sweet! Thank you, Travis! And here’s another reason there needs to be more Loki merchandise: WE HAVE MONEY AND WE’RE NOT AFRAID TO SPEND IT! Just to put in language the appropriate authorities like best. 😀

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