It’s finally October! One of my favorite month’s of the year! Of course, with October comes Halloween, which means horror movies!! I’ve rounded up some of my favorite ones. Let’s get started!



You’re Next was the highlight of the year in the horror movie category! It blew me away! I even wrote a review!

2. The Strangers


My horror movie! I waited forever for this to come out and then when it finally did, I couldn’t have been happier! It was such a great movie and highly recommended for late night watching. 😉

3. Paranormal Activity 


Now their is a difference between scary movies and SCARY movies. I’ve never been so scared while watching a movie before. Of course, the sequels were great, but none of them are as great as the original!

4. Scream 


I love all the Scream movies! They’re horror movie classics!! Such a simple idea, but insanely creepy!

5. Evil Dead


One of the other gems of this year. So many people hate remakes, but surprisingly, everyone LOVED this one. I loved it! It was a gory, fantastic movie! 🙂

6. The Cabin In The Woods


This should be saved for last after you’ve seen all sorts of other horror movies + the one’s above! It’s it’s own horror movie while making fun of “cliche” moments that occur regularly throughout other horror movies. I was worried this movie would be too “comedy” and not enough “horror”, but it balances itself really well. Lots of gore and a sprinkle of humor only a select few would get.

Let me know what movies you guys watch during October in the comments below! I’d love hear! 


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