The Michael J. Fox show just premiered last night!

Did it live up to the hype?

Yes! Yes it did! It was amazing! I loved every minute! I was so excited to see Michael back on our screens in something new. This show was made for him! It takes his real life, but changes it in subtle ways. Like his name, where he works etc,,,  Michael J. Fox’s character is Mike Henry, who decided to go back to work for NBC. The show shows his life and work and all the silliness that follows.

The one thing I loved though was that they took something as serious as Parkinsons and showed it doesn’t need to be. It can still be shown, in a real manor, but be funny and show that everything in life doesn’t have to be so serious. I just LOVED that!

Is it worth keeping up with?

YES! You won’t want to miss a minute! It’s full of heart felt moments and laughter!!

The Michael J. Fox Show comes on NBC every Thursday at 9/8c! 🙂



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