Let’s talk about Dexter!

Dexter just ended it’s run of EIGHT seasons last night…. and it’s been quite a run! I wanted to write a little bit about each season, how I got into Dexter, and why this will forever be one of my favorite shows!

I was introduced to Dexter in 2009/2010. (I can’t exactly remember.) I didn’t know much about it except it was a show about a serial killer and his life. That had me hooked right away. I got all 4 seasons on DVD for Christmas and watched 1-3 REALLY fast! I then took a break and finally watched season 4! I LOVE this show! It was amazing!!! I didn’t watch the rest of the seasons till later because I didn’t have Showtime, but this year I HAD to take the plunge and get Showtime. I couldn’t miss the series finale for anything!! I quickly marathoned seasons 5-7 in one week before the 8th season of Dexter premiered. I just love all the episodes so much! From the first season of seeing Dexter in all his glory, to finding out Brian is his brother, to meeting Lila West, to Miguel, to the Trinity killer, to Jordan Chase, to Travis (hehe! I always get giddy knowing there was a character on Dexter named Travis), to meeting Hannah, to Isaak, and finally, to Oliver Saxon. They all had their time in the spotlight! Some worse then other. Especially the Trinity Killer. That ending STILL gets me. Even when Travis was on there, it all led up unto this big reveal!

In my opinion, every season was great. Yes, I know a lot of people were upset after season 4, but I loved every minute! It kept my attention every episode! I don’t think, before Dexter, I’d ever gotten into a TV show like this. It is just that good! I still can’t believe this season is OVER! 😦 Of course,  a lot of people are upset with last nights ending. I could see why, but I still thought it was a pretty good send off. (I kinda wish that they would’ve cut off 2 minutes earlier. It would’ve left a sort of mystery to whether Dex is dead or alive, but I still thought it was great nonetheless.) Dexter will always and forever live in out hearts! I know people thought that we’d maybe get a spinoff show, but I don’t think people would’ve responded well. I think it ended on a good note and it should stay that way. Of course, I’m open to more books and continuing on this legacy! 😉

Let me know how YOU felt about Dexter’s series finale! Please leave all comments below! Thanks for reading!! 🙂


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