WOW…. I really don’t know where to start…. let’s talk about the beginning, I guess.


Dexter is hurriedly trying to get out of the country until a certain man is waiting at the airport trying to catch Hannah. Dexter finally gets him away, but by doing so, he causes all flights to be delayed. BUT by being delayed, they will be cancelled because of a storm that is heading toward Miami. They get the problem fixed, but Dex gets the call about Deb. She’s fine! (Thank God! I got SO worried!) He gets to Deb, everything’s fine and she insists he goes with Hannah! So he does… but he can’t. He feels Saxon is a threat that NEEDS to be dealt with.but he has to leave Harrison. He said he’ll meet up with them in a little bit. (I won’t say what happens on the bus, but it just put a huge grin on my face!!)Β Saxon finally gets arrested, but something went wrong with Deb. THIS is the part where I started getting teary eyed. I couldn’t handle myself well! I was yelling at the TV saying, “NO! NO! OH MY GOSH!” All while thinking that Jennifer Carpenter was getting the ending she wanted. It wasn’t good news. Deb had suffered a long period of time of oxygen getting in her brain. They could keep her alive, but she would have to eat out of a tube and could never think properly again. Quinn had high hopes, but Dex said he’d never seen a miracle. Dexter is angry and frustrated! At the world, himself, and of course, Saxon. He goes to where Saxon is. Pretends to be working for Miami Metro again….and kills him. But Dex was smart enough to make it look like it was self defense! This is when I started to full on cry…… Dexter rides in the Slice of Life to hospital where Deb is staying. They are evacuating because of the impending storm. Dex doesn’t want to leave Deb there. He thinks she deserves more. He takes her and the Slice of Life near the storm. He calls Hannah and talks to Harrison, says his goodbyes, and throws his phone in the water. THAT is when I got REALLY worried. I knew nothing good would come of that. He then throws Deb into the water. It was so surreal. That the one thing Dex had been trying to protect through the whole eight seasons, is the one thing he lost. He then… takes the Slice of Life…. and goes into the storm. He couldn’t harm one more person. They find his boat remains of the Slice of Life and assume he’s dead. There’s no body. Nothing. Hannah finds out about it in a little cafe on her iPad. She starts tearing up, but stays strong for Harrison. She then walks off and it fades to black. 😦

But it’s not over. The next scene takes place in a lumber yard. (?) Showing a man with a beard from behind and sideways. A few seconds in and you know… it’s Dexter. He’s alive! It then shows him going into his little house(?), sit down, look around, and then look at the camera. He’s eyes go up and the show goes off. πŸ™‚

IT WAS AMAZING! I couldn’t have asked for a better send off. I was just full of so many emotions it was crazy! πŸ™‚ 😦 I LOVE Dexter and will always! I THANK everyone who made this show what it is!!

Next up for me is to start reading the books! (I know, I’m a horrible Dexter fan!)

I have SO MUCH MORE to say, but I’m saving it all for tomorrow… when I recap Dexter as a series! I’ll be going through all 8 season! Thanks for reading! Let me know what YOU thought of Dexter in the comments below! πŸ™‚


4 thoughts on “Dexter: The Series Finale Review!!

  1. I would have liked it better if he was either dead or with his family. The books are great! Totally different from the show after the first book. A new one was just released and I can’t wait to get it! xo

    1. I feel the exact same way! THATS the ending I was hoping for! And I can’t wait to check out the books! I figured they’d be different than the show. And a new one came out?!?! Sqqquueee! I better start!

      Thanks for the comment, Megan! πŸ™‚

  2. Love the series, but felt they missed the mark on the finale. I thought it actually dragged in spots. I thought the final 60 minutes should have been 3600 seconds of jammed packed action, emotion, and believable closure. I felt Deb was mishandled-too easy. could have been more. Way too soft in spots ie. Yes Dexter, self defense-you can go, everyone can wheel their sister out of hospital! Hospitals are tighter than military bases now. I don’t see Dex walking away from Harrison. To pick a few. Finale was ok, but not up to the Dexter standard it deserves! Nevertheless great series, will miss it tremendously!!

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