I’m super excited to be sharing this with you guys! This is one for the bloggers or tweeters!

The Twist Band: Blogger Set!

Don’t know what The Twist Band is?! They offer hair ties, head bands, shoe laces, and more! BUT a lot of people use these as bracelets, which is what I do! If you want to know more make sure to head on over to http://thetwistband.com! 🙂

The set I got is the Blogger Set! I LOVE THEM!

First off, the box is AWESOME! The arrow won my heart!

photo 2-1ascacdc

Now onto the actual Twist Bands…

photo 1-1scd

The yellow/purple Twist Band says, “I can’t handle traffic unless it’s on my blog”

The blue/orange Twist Band says, “I’m not a blogger I just tweet a lot”

The light blue/fuschia Twist Band says, “That filter looks good on you”

To see them closer, make sure to click the image.

I absolutely love these! I’m probably going to be giving the “I’m not a blogger I just tweet a lot” Twist Band to someone because it’s contradictory. 😉

If YOU want your own pair, they’re only $6.00 and FREE SHIPPING when you sign up with email! Just head over here and show off your geeky side all year round!


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