FIRST: Beware of spoilers! BUT For those who haven’t seen Insidious… what are you doing?! You should definitely go watch it! It’s a great film!

Now to talk about Insidious: Chapter 2.

I came into the theatre expecting just a sequel. A great sequel? Yes! But what did I get?! A even better sequel! I thought Insidious chapter 2 would be totally different, but it was so much better. And smarter. They explained scenes from the first Insidious that I didn’t even know needed explaining! It was awesome!

I loved that it wasn’t just scary, but it that it had an actual story that made you not only jump, but think! I think the first one scarred me a little more than this one, but it was great nonethelessĀ AND it came out on Friday The 13th! (By the way, Happy Friday The 13th!)

All in all, it was a pretty great movie. The very last scene made me love it even more! But now I’m even more curious and need a Chapter 3 this instant!

You can check out Insidious: Chapter 2 in theaters TODAY!


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