I love all things involving Star Wars, Doctor Who, Firefly, Marvel….this list could go on forever! I didn’t even know “Geeky” soaps existed till a few months ago when I saw a Tardis soap bar. Which is by far the coolest thing ever! So I decided to go on a Etsy hunt to find the best!


These are some way cool R2D2 soaps I found on Etsy! (They really compliment this weeks everyday cosplay. 😉 ) Their shop is called SkyRainSoap. They have even more awesome geeky soap!

Which brings me to my next favorite I found:


Han Solo in.. Carbonite Soap?! This is awesome and also by SkyRainSoap.

While were on the topic of Star Wars inspired soap, here is an amazing Death Star soap from the Etsy shop NatalieRaevsky:


This next soap is AMAZING! It’s a Kingdom Hearts Gameboy cartridge:


Look at how detailed it is! AND it comes with a case! This awesome piece of art is by Digitalsoaps.

Now for an awesome combo: Tardis and Dalek!


These are really pretty! The colors are perfect and its very detailed. It’s perfect for all your Doctor Who marathons which keep you up until dark! These are by SmallThingsForSale!

This is an awesome take on the classic soap bar:


It looks really pretty and sounds like it smells amazing! This is by MadameJacqueline

I couldn’t choose just one. I love these all so much! Let me know which of these were your favorites in the comments below! Thanks for reading! 😀


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