Yep! It’s true. The new Star Wars collection by Petco is AMAZING and I love every piece of it! I remember seeing all this stuff at SDCC and wanting it all, so I’m glad it’s finally out!

I got to go yesterday and get some awesome stuff for all my pets. Here’s a picture of all the stuff I got:

photo 1

And yes, you get free Yoda ears with purchase!

It was, my dog, Frankie’s birthday, so we go him that shirt and a pair of Yoda ears which are a bit too big on him. 😉

photo 3

I also picked out the Yoda collar and Millenium Falcon toy for my cat! He too got some Yoda ears which fit him perfectly!

photo 2

They have even more amazing things like a Chewbacca/Darth Vader/Boba Fett outfit for your puppy! They even had a Star Wars Christmas sweater. It was awesome. The flyer showed a Jabba the Hutt dog toy, but I didn’t see it in-store or online…hmmm? The Petco I went to didn’t have everything, but you can order all the amazing stuff they offer online here! (except the Jabba the Hutt toy.)

Let me know if any of you guys have bought any of the Star Wars by Petco items!


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