Hey, everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in 3 days. I was pretty busy with Dragon*Con and such, but now I’m all ready to talk about Dragon*Con 2013!

Dragon*Con is one of my most favorite cons. Back in 2010, it was a con where you could sort of just wander, go into panels at last minute and not have to worry about huge crowds. But man, has it changed. Dragon*Con has grown so much since 2010. I remember arriving about an hour or so before registration opened and being in line on one side of the building. Now it wraps the entire building. It blew my mind. You can no longer (depends on the panel) get into panels at the last minute, you now have to wait in line about an hour ahead of time to get some good seats.

The Marriott is my absolute favorite place! I’ve loved it ever since my first Dragon*Con, but now you have to wait in huge crowds to get in through the back. I wasn’t prepared for any of that. I thought it would be my rest con, post SDCC, but no. Everywhere, the crowds have grown big in size.

And the parade. Man, was the parade packed! I remember going after registration and getting front row. That’s not the case anymore.


The crowd was so big that CNN even wrote about it here.

Even though I wasn’t prepared for the crowd, it being packed is a good thing! It means more and more people are starting to discover Dragon*Con and all the good it has to offer.

I only attended Dragon*Con on Saturday, but it’s such a fun place and I had such a fun time!

The road there was fun and finding parking was super easy.


Once we got there, we headed to pre-registration. Such a big line, but it went super fast!


We stood in line with this awesome Castiel:


After pre-registration, we headed on over to the 12th annual Dragon*Con parade.

IMG_3097 IMG_3098 IMG_3099 IMG_3100 IMG_3101 IMG_3102 IMG_3103

We then headed on over to the magical Marriott:


The Marriott is just crazy awesome!

We then attended the final Warehouse 13 panel. It was so good! It was making me even more sad that the show got cancelled, but Eddie McClintock (and the whole cast) was super funny! I don’t think you could get sad near him.  He even got down in the audience and let people ask questions:

IMG_3167 IMG_3169


After that we went to the Walk of Fame, which was in the Marriott this year. We saw so many celebrities. It was great! We then went to the Grimm panel which was also fantastic!

Alf passed us by in line. Such a GREAT costume!


The Grimm panel:


This cosplay was just all sorts of crazy awesome:


We then headed on over to the AmericasMart which is where the exhibitors hall was this year. I wasn’t sure what I’d find, but I found 2 items that I had to have:


This shirt won my heart the minute I saw it! It’s the best.


And of course I had to have a Miami Metro I.D. Badge. Who doesn’t?

I then went back down to the Walk of Fame and got the Warehouse 13 season 5 t designed by Eddie McClintock! I love it so much!


To top off the day, we went to the Sheraton where they had an actual life sized Tardis. I may have freaked out.




We had such a fun time! We had so much fun and did so much stuff in the one day we were there. I still LOVE Dragon*Con and am definitely attending next year. I’ll just be more prepared. 😉

Did any of you guys go to Dragon*Con?! If so, let me know what your favorite part was.


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