So I finally just caught up on this weeks episode of Dexter and it was a pretty good episode, but I say that about every single one.


This Last week’s episode delved more into Dr. Vogel’s Son, Deb going back to Miami Metro, and Hannah’s new living conditions.

Dexter and Hannah have agreed to move to Argentina! Which, due to the ending, might be a problem. And then we soon have confirmation of who is Dr. Vogel’s son, which leads Dexter into trying to find him and do his job. Dr. Vogel doesn’t agree with that, but then we see why.

Deb gets offered her job back at Miami Metro. She’s not sure what she wants to do because: A. She’s related to a serial killer and B. Hannah’s now living with her. Yep.

This episode was great on so many levels because it’s showing us that Dr. Vogel, probably, isn’t all who she seems. I thought this at the beginning of the season, but I didn’t think It’d involve (maybe) having her son end Dexter.

With only 3 episodes left, I’m still unsure where the rest of this season will go! Only time will tell, but the next new episode isn’t until September 9th. (So if you haven’t caught up, get caught up!) I’m still not ready for Dexter to leave my life, so I’m pretty happy that their prolonging it. But I’m still curious!

As usual, I give this episode 5/5 thumbs!

What’d you think of Sunday’s episode?!


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