Who else tuned in Wednesday to watch the U.S. premiere of Broadchurch?!

*If not, then what are you doing? Head on over to and watch the premiere!

Don’t know what Broadchurch is about?

Its a British Crime show that centers around the death of a boy and finding his killer.  It was a HUGE hit over seas and a second season is already in development.

I have never been so invested in a crime show before. The first episode of Broadchurch was AMAZING!

And the cast was amazing!! I couldn’t believe how many people from Doctor Who are on the show! It made me so happy!!

It kept a good pace and introduced you to almost all the characters, but the best part is the mystery surrounding the death of the boy. It made me want to watch all 8 episodes right then! Epecially at the end, when his best friend deleted all his texts and emails.

It was pretty amazing and I can’t wait to watch more! I would highly recommend it.

Broadchurch comes on BBCA every Wednesday @ 10:00pm!


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