Last night’s Dexter WAS SO GOOD!!! Yes, I say that about every episode, but what made last nights episode really good was the ending!



I was so shocked! Not that she’s back (everyone knew she was coming back), but it was just the way they brought her back. She drugged Dex and Deb and then walked in! It was so good!!! I loved every minute of it!

Also, the episode explored Dexter being a spiritual father. It’s so strange. I’m thinking they may end this final season with a new killer taking the role. Hmmm… ? Only time will tell. 🙂

This season is going in a complete different direction than I thought it would, but I really like it! Every episode is always full of surprises, but what else would you expect from Dexter!

Last night’s episode was definitely one of my most favorites of the season so far!

There isn’t too many episodes left. I’m not ready to say goodbye…

What are YOUR thoughts on last nights episode?! I’d love to hear! Also, if you have any comments about the 12th Doctor, leave me a comment or tweet me! I’ll be featuring them on the blog in the next few days when I post my BIG post on 12 and what I think!



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