This was my first year at SDCC, so I went a little crazy buying exclusives. 😉

I wanted to show you guys, not only the exclusives, but what they look like inside as well.

Of course the first booth I hit up on preview night was Entertainment Earth! They had everything I wanted!                                                   I had to buy all the Doctor Who and Dexter exclusives! It was AMAZING!!!

I bought all 3 exclusive lunchbox’s!


First up: DEXTER!

The opposite side:


When you open it! It came with a Dexter action figure, blood slides, talking keychain and Dexter’s blood slide box!



(I was freaking out when I opened it!)

Inside the Doctor Who 50th Anniversary lunch box!

They actually look like 1 & 11!



Now for the Star Trek/Doctor Who lunch box:



Hmmm.. what’s missing? Oh, yeah! The U.S.S. Enterprise. I didn’t find this out till yesterday, but it wan’t ready in time for SDCC. BUT it did come with a form to send out for a FREE of charge one, but it won’t be ready till the end of this year. 😦

Dexter bobble head:


Doctor Who exclusive journals! LOVE them, but I don’t want to write in them.


TBBT journal. Love this! Perfect for purchasing at SDCC!


Doctor Who 12 glass set. When I first heard about this, I thought they may be regular glasses and I was wondering how I would get this home, but they were shot glasses. They were just the right size + a Tardis appears whenever you pour cool liquid in them!


After EE, I wondered the floor throughout the rest of the weekend and found all sorts of awesome stuff!

Not sure if this was a convention exclusive or not, but I found this guy and he has to be my favorite thing from the weekend:


(How cool! A 11th Doctor  Mr. Potato Head!)

The So So Happy iJustine hoodie!!!!! I was SO happy I got this! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll see I wore this hoodie almost the whole time at SDCC!


And then Saturday I got the meet iJustine! She was SO nice and gave hugs! I also got to meet her sister, Jenna!

I’m a HUGE fan of both their YouTube channels!

IMG_2631 IMG_2633


And then soon after I got to meet John Dimaggio! He did the Bender voice right in front of me. I think I almost died.



I FINALLY hit up the BBC America booth! I had to wait in a HUGE line, but it was so worth! Some of my fav items were the stuff I got from them! + while waiting in line, I saw David Bradley!


I also got a copy of The SquickerWonkers by Evangeline Lilly and the Satellite Sam variant cover!


I got to meet EL in person and she signed my book!


Can’t wait to see her as Tauriel in The Hobbit: DoS

NOT an exclusive, but I found this Ahsoka Tano and was so so happy!


I bought the Defiance game at Cafe Defiance and was rewarded with all sorts of goodies! A SDCC weekend exclusive!


And of course: NERD HQ!!!! Got some great stuff!!! Can’t wait to put my new phone case on! 😀


I also got The Simpsons/Futurama comics exclusives and the Futurama calendar from Bongo Comics, but I forgot to take a pic.

Those are the exclusives I got! I also got A LOT of Her Universe items, but that’s for tomorrow’s post!

Thanks for reading! And tell me, what SDCC exclusives did you get? Their was some VERY hard to get ones!


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