One of the most coolest things about SDCC is the swag!

This was my first year, but I heard that compared to other years, the freebies were pretty low this year.

I still got quite a bit though and was REALLY happy with what I got!

Of course my fav thing was the Mr. Burns fan and the I heart Dexter lanyard! (not pictured)


The bagsI collected throughout the con. And this is just some of them!


Pins! Love the Adventure Time and Rock Jock ones, but I LOVE the Broken Quest ones I got from Ro and Dodger!


Also from Ro:


Love em! Can’t wait to watch! (It premieres TODAY!)

Another pin I got from The Nerdy Girlie. I got to meet her at the SherlockeDCC party and she was so nice! I hope they they throw another party next year because it was awesome! 😀


These awesome NBC chairs:

IMG_2764 IMG_2765

When I first heard about the chairs, I was unsure. I thought they wouldn’t hold, but surprisingly they did!

More swag that I found in my bag:



Not sure if this counts, but this was my favorite daily schedule the whole con!


That’s the freebies I got! I’m pretty happy with what I got!

What awesome things did YOU get? I saw lots of things I couldn’t get my hands on, so I’d love to hear!!

Next post: SDCC: The Exclusives!


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