Psych The Musical debuted at SDCC this year! It was such a fun event that I had to write about it!

First off, to those who waited in line since 2pm: KUDOS!

I waited as early as I could which was about 9:00pm. (I know. I’m a bad Psych-o!)

I got plenty of free Psych swag, but for those who had been waiting since two, they got pineapple juice (which I was craving ever since they handed them out), foam pineapples, slap bracelets, and more!!

I was lucky enough to score some Psych iPhone home button stickers (which I LOVED!! They matched my Psych case!), a slap bracelet (a girl in line was nice enough to give me one!), a Psych foam microphone, a Psych lanyard, Psych glasses, and a t-shirt! (Which was given to me by Corbin Bernsen!! He was SO nice!)

But while in line the cast came by on Weiner Mobile’s! Yes, you heard that right. It was AWESOME!! Absolutely love it.

Then the cast came by the line and high-fived & took photos with people! I got to high-five James Roday & Dule Hill!!

I was freaking out!!!! We then started to go inside which took awhile because the line wrapped around the building. Twice. But we had wrist bands that guaranteed us entry!

Once in they gave us Psych popcorn, soda cans and candy! For FREE! Best event ever!

While waiting in the theatre some of the Psych-ettes (I think that’s what they’re called) came in and threw out glasses and candy!

THEN the cast came in which I thought was going to happen based on my Twitter feed!

AND THEY DID! They threw out t-shirts! (Which is when Corin Bernsen gave me mine. I was about 2ndd or 3rd row and he looked right at me and threw me a shirt! So nice!!)

And then they said thank you, talked for a bit and left!

As for The Musical? AMAZING!!! So good!! I can’t wait for everyone to see it!

I hope they release a soundtrack because the songs were so catchy! 😀

The Psych swag:

IMG_2177 IMG_2222 IMG_2223

IMG_2198 IMG_2197

The theatre inside:



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