Sorry this late. I was super busy with SDCC and instead of watching, I was at the airport!

So here we go..


his episode was awesome! It showed that Dexter has found the new killer, but I don’t think it’s all it seems.                         *SPOILER ALERTS! BEWARE!*

This episode showed Dexter finding the new killer, Deb getting better, and what Vogel has really been doing!

Dexter gets some clues about the new killer, but he gets away. I don’t think he’s alone though.

Then Dexter found Vogel’s files and she’s been keeping tabs on Dexter the whole time. I’m not shocked by that, but I’m wondering what she’s up too! Hmmm….?

I REALLY loved how they showed Deb getting better and then… BAM!

I don’t want to talk about the ending because I absolutely loved it and it’s something to see for yourself. I was in complete shock.

Such. A. Good. Episode.

This has been one of my favorite episodes of the season! It was just really good! It seems ever since the farewell Dexter panel @ SDCC, I now appreciate the episode even more. I can’t wait to see how this season ends!


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