Day 3 of SDCC was, I think, my most favorite day of the whole con! But then again, I say that everyday! It was SUPER fun!!!

First off, we camped out for Ballroom 20 to see The Simpsons and  Futurama! We got there around 4:00am and got a pretty good spot in line under the tents.

The first panel up was Once Upon A Time In Wonderland! They played about 18 minutes of footage. It actually looks pretty good! I wasn’t too sure at first, but now I’m excited!!


Next was Once Upon A Time! I LOVE OUAT and was so happy I could make this panel!

DSCN2451 DSCN2452


One of my favorite panels ever! They read act 1 from the series finale and then SHOWED act 2! It was awesome!!

They also had their Draw Off! It was a battle to the death… and SNU SNU!

DSCN2469 DSCN2473 DSCN2470 DSCN2474 DSCN2492 DSCN2507 DSCN2512

DSCN2472 DSCN2549 DSCN2512

And then the panel that brought me to SDCC: THE SIMPSONS!!


I was by the bathrooms and Matt Groening and the cast of Futurama walked by me! I had to move out of the way!! I then I decided to go to the Bongo Comics Booth a little later and look who I saw:

IMG_2649 IMG_2650

He wasn’t supposed to sign ANYTHING but the posters for Bongo, but he was nice enough to sign my Simpsons Converse!!!

I might have almost cried/fainted at the same time. It was surreal!! I couldn’t believe it! It made my con! 😀


After that, we headed to the Her Universe panel:

IMG_2656 IMG_2655

It was great!! I LOVED hearing the process behind making awesome HU merchandise!

To top the night off, I went to the Nerdist and saw MATT SMITH!!! SQUEE!!! Everyone was hilarious and someone even proposed to his girlfriend! It was awesome and Matt Smith took photos of them & with them!

Matt Smith seems like one of the nicest people ever!


And then I went straight to Hall H… which will be on tomorrow’s post!

See ya there! 😀


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