I just got back from preview night!!!! It was SUPER fun! We had a blast! I mean once we got to our hotel, we spotted Nicholas Brendon!! Totally had a Buffy moment. The convention center was packed and we waited forever, but it worth it. Let’s start off with what bag I got. I got The Following and my Dad got The Big Bang Theory. They’re both awesome, but I really wanted to get a Supernatural bag. They weren’t handing those out when we got our badges, but after. But the coolest SDCC exclusive I am obsessed with is the I heart Dexter lanyards!! They made SDCC so perfect!! My first booth I went to was Entertainment Earth. I had to get all the Doctor Who & Dexter exclusives and surprisingly, I got them all! None of them were sold out! Everyone was after some Transformer. I then went to Bongo Comics and got all The Simpsons & Futurama exclusives I was after! But then I went to my favorite booth of all: HER UNIVERSE! It’s been FOREVER since I’ve been to a Her Universe booth (since 2010 @ Dragon*Con) and I couldn’t believe how much it changed. It looks INCREDIBLE! Like a little mini mall! And then the best thing in life happened: Ashley saw me and asked if I was Travis!!! She recognized me from Twitter!! It was the coolest thing ever!!!!!! She was SUPER nice and we talked and took a photo together and it made my life. I seriously couldn’t believe she recognized me! & I definitely & highly recommend checking out her booth. It’s one of my favorites! It’s in the Lucas Films section which includes a bunch of awesome Star Wars photo opportunities I’m going back to her booth tomorrow to buy the Ahsoka’s Choice shirt! 😀

After that, I tried to go to the BBC America booth, but it was WAY too packed. They had to start cutting the line off. So I went to Weta and they had sold out of the SDCC exclusive Hobbit shirt. 😦
But I don’t think any of that could bring me down. I was still way super happy about Her Universe!!
We then went and looked around some more, got a awesome Fox Fanfare poster tube! We didn’t even have to stand in line! Their was this really nice kid who was in line and handing them out.
They’re are a couple more places I need to go see because I was sort of in a rush to go see… PSYCH: THE MUSICAL!!!!

And I went and saw it! I got in! Had to wait awhile, but it was SO WORTH IT! I high fived James Roday and Dule Hill! And I got to see the rest of the cast up close as they walked past me! 🙂
Psych knew how to throw a AWESOME event! Their was free popcorn (featuring Shawn & Gus on each side), soda, candy, swag, and best of all… THE CAST!! James Roday, Maggie Lawson, & Corbin Bernsen came theatre to theatre handing out t-shirts and talking. And Corbin Bernsen gave me a Psych The Musical shirt!!!!!! I couldn’t believe it!! He was super nice as well as the whole cast! Oh, I forgot to mention before I met them, they all came in on a Oscar Meyer Weiner Mobile. It was the best thing ever!! I got it all on tape too! I’ll post it on my big SDCC 2013 vlog!

That was basically my day expect for traveling! I hope you guys enjoy and if you wanna see lots of pics, follow me on Instagram and Twitter @travisthegrimm! 😀



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