Dexter just came on and oh man, is it getting good!



This episode’s main focus was really Deb. It showed how even more down hill her life has gotten since the season 7 finale.

It also focus’s on a new suspect who turns out to be someone completely different! (It was a pretty cool twist!)

It also shows how much more Quinn really cares for Deb. Which leads us into Debs confession at Miami Metro!!                           That whole scene had me on edge… and then she confessed to killing laguerta!! I was like WHAT?!

Of course the way she was telling, that and being drunk, didn’t make it seem she was confessing to murder, but blaming herself for a murder. It got SO heated when Dexter brought Vogel with him that he had to use a tranquilizer!!

The episode left off with Deb handcuffed to her couch and Vogel waiting for her to wake up and Dexter off to kill his latest victim.

The preview for next weeks episode was GREAT! It showed that Vogel is probably not all innocent. That she maybe picked Dexter for a reason.

Guess we’ll have to wait and see!


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