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Sunday, July 21

Comic-Con How-to: Painting Comics DC Comics Superman: The New 52 Era DuckTales: Remastered Emily the Strange Panel Experience How to Conquer Earth, One Image at a Time: The Power of Visual Literacy Kids: Comics in Action! LEGO Legends of Chima Spotlight on Mike Norton Supernatural Special Video Presentation and Q&A The Christian Comics Arts Society General Meeting The Nerd in the Classroom: Sci-fi as an Educational Tool Comic-Con Film School 104: Postproduction and Distribution Jack Kirby Tribute Panel World Premiere of Scooby-Doo! Adventures: The Mystery Map San Diego International Children’s Film Festival
Comics Arts Conference Session #12: Superman on Trial: The Secret History of the Siegel and Shuster Lawsuits Funky Winkerbean’s 40th+ Anniversary
IDW Kids Comics: A Panel for All Ages! Ponies, Turtles, and More! 501st Costuming 101: Dressing to Serve the Empire 60 Years of Bazooka Joe Creating Comics the comiXology Way How and Why to Write a Great All-Ages Comic Book How to Draw Manga for Kids Spotlight on Adam Hughes What’s Hot in Young Adult Fiction
Comic-Con International Independent Film Festival Awards
Breaking Bad Meet the Co-Publishers Women of Marvel
Faith Erin Hicks in Conversation with Jeff Smith Cartoon Voices #2 Comics Arts Conference Session #13: What Are We Seeing Here? Negotiating Religious Presence and Purpose in Comics, Comix, and Webcomics Comic-Con How-To: Using Panels to Shape Visual Storytelling
Teen Titans Go! Screening and Q&A
Browncoats Meet-up Build Your Own Monster with Oni Press and Friends! Creating Comics for Kids George R. R. Martin Discusses the Skin Trade Adaptation Kids Comics: Here to Stay! Mattel: Max Steel: Rise of Elementor World Premiere Screening! Science Fiction and the Future Spotlight on Jerry Ordway CCI-IFF Award Winners Showcase
CBLDF’s Banned Comics Jam!
BBC America’s Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Secret Origin of Good Readers Breakout Sessions Spotlight on Charlotte Fullerton X-Men
All-Ages Comics Have Arrived Archie Action Hour: Sonic the Hedgehog, and Mega Man Beware the Batman Screening and Q&A Cartoon Design For Kids Chronicle Books: Behind the Scenes of a Pop Culture Powerhouse Comics Arts Conference Session #14: Comics and the Punk Aesthetic SpongeCon 2013: The Year of the Fan Spotlight on Dan Jurgens The Art of CAPCOM What’s Behind the Door? Fiction That Thrills Ball-Jointed Dolls Collectors Group
Shattering Convention in Comic Book Storytelling Spotlight on Ted Naifeh Comic-Con How-To: Advanced 3D/CG Comic Art
Avengers, X-Men, Dr. Strange and Sgt Fury 50th Cartoon Network: Ben 10 Omniverse
Community: Celebrating the Fans
25 Years of the Disney Afternoon: The Continuing Legacy Cover Story: The Art of the Cover Death Dealing Mechs, Comic Books, and Video Games: The World of Hawken Drawing DC: DC Kids Edition Keenspot 2013: Red Giant Expands to Consume the Earth Today’s Kids’ Heroes…and Why They Don’t Wear Capes Witches and Fey, Monsters and Mortals
Under the Dome World Premiere of Tom and Jerry’s Giant Adventure
Comics Arts Conference Session #15: The Culture of Comic-Con: Field Studies of Fans and Marketing Safety Not Guaranteed Comic-Con Masquerade Replay
Joe’s Comics’ Sidekick
It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia: Screening and Q&A Archaia Entertainment: The Year of Mouse Guard Business of Cartoon Voices Comic-Con How-To: Drawing with Jim Lee Diamond Select Toys: The Best of All Worlds History of Disney Pins: The Tradition of Disney Pin Trading and Collecting Publisher’s Weekly: What’s Next for Graphic Novels in Libraries Spotlight on Neil Gaiman Steampunk Generations: Views of a Genre from Both Ends of Time Turning Your Left-Brain Power into Drawing Skills Where Do Ideas Come From? Banishing the Blank Page
Buffy the Musical Once More with Feeling Comic-Con Talkback First Second: Gene Yang and Paul Pope In Conversation Starship Smackdown Redux 3D: Ultimate Platinum Collector’s Edition
Pro/Fan Trivia Match
Sons of Anarchy
End Bullying! Responding to Cruelty in Our Culture Everything You Wanted to Know About Live Action Role Playing… But Were Too Embarrassed to Ask Full-Time Creative Work on a Part-Time Schedule Get Comics Anywhere How to Create Your Own Novel: From the First Idea to Publishing, and What You Need to Sell Your Work to TV and Film The Battle for Multicultural Heroes
Harry Potter: Still Magic!


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