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Saturday, July 20

A&E Bates Motel Behind the Creatures Comic-Con Film School 103: Working with Actors and a Crew Comic-Con How-To: Writing Your Superhero Novel Creating Animated Series Hasbro Studios: My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Machinima: Redefining the ‘Fan Film’ March: The Graphic Novel Remembering Joe Kubert Urban Fantasy: Myth and Magic in the City You’ve Broken into Comics, Now What? How to Be a Pro
Once Upon a Time in Wonderland: Down the Rabbit Hole!
Film and TV Production Designers of the Art Directors Guild Marvel Television Presents Spotlight on Val Mayerik The Ever-Changing World of the Paranormal/Fantasy Genre Comic Book Law School 303: More! Comics Arts Conference Session #9: What Is A Superhero? Professional and Scholarly Views
Warner Bros. Pictures and Legendary Pictures Preview Their Upcoming Lineups
Once Upon a Time: Off to Neverland! Avatar the Last Airbender: Beginning and Beyond Breaking into Comics with IDW’s Editorial Team Geek and Sundry: Leveling Up Gravity Falls Mattel: Monster High 2013: Where SCREAMS Come True! Spotlight on Jon Bogdanove Twenty-one Years of Top Cow When Grrls Fall in Love Comic-Con How-To: Color Copic Markers
The Future of Xbox Gaming Revealed DC Comics Batman: Zero Year
Inside the Writer’s Room: Earth’s Mightiest TV Writers Assemble Spotlight on Frank Brunner Spotlight on John Romita, Jr.
Karl of the Future Quick Draw!
Futurama A Feast for Your Eyes: Creativity in Comics and Cuisine Apocalyptic/Zombie: It’s the End of the World as We Know It Archie Comics: The Hottest Publisher in the Industry CBLDF Presents: Defending Manga Comic Book Entrepreneurs How I Met Your Mother Top Shelf Productions Twilight Fan Fiction Panel What’s New With Magic: The Gathering Comics Arts Conference Session #10: Japan and Global Influence
Comic-Con How-To: Creators and Audience: The Next Chapter Is Storytelling
Decapoda Shock
Hero Story Marvel Video Games Spotlight on Richard Kadrey: Before and After Sandman Slim We Are BOOM! Weekly Shonen Jump Podcast: Live Recording!
The Simpsons DC Comics Green Lantern: Recharged!
Just Us Guys CBLDF’s Comics on Trial, Part 3: War on Thought Crime: How Artists and Readers Are Prosecuted For Comics Celebrating Ten Years of Prism Comics Image Comics and the Genre Fiction Renaissance Judge Dredd Comics: IDW and Rebellion Little Lulu Fan Group Live Forever: The Ray Bradbury Odyssey Spotlight on Roy Thomas The Originals Special Video Presentation and Q&A The Tick 25th Anniversary Cartoon Voices I
Marvel Minimates: Ten Years of Awesomeness Star Wars vs. Serenity The Video Game Culture of Zombies – How Dead Rising 3 on Xbox One Kicks Off a New Generation of Mayhem Comic-Con How-To: Graphic Novels from Idea to Finish Comics Arts Conference Session #11: The Poster Session
Childhood Sale Lionsgate – Featuring I, Frankenstein and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire
Family Guy Marvel’s INFINITY Beast Wishes
Art Lessons from Great Illustrators: Arthur Rackham Lost Podcast and Beyond Mad about MAD ShiftyLook: Video Games/Webcomics Amalgam Extraordinaire! Sid and Marty Krofft: A Look at the Past, Present, and Future Skybound Panel Spotlight on Jim Lee Spotlight on Russ Heath The Awesomes: A Hulu Original Series Will Eisner and the Graphic Novel
American Dad Abrams: An Adventure Time Encyclopedia Panel with The Lord of Evil and Marceline The Vampire Queen How to Get a Job in the Video Game Industry Mainstream Talent and Indie Spirit
Grimm Season 3: Q&A with Cast and Producers from the Hit Supernatural Series, Followed by an Exclusive Trailer of NBC’s New Fall Drama, Dracula
Entertainment Weekly’s Women Who Kick Ass
Cartoon Network New Comedies: Uncle Grandpa, Steven Universe, and Clarence comiXology Submit: The Future of Self-Publishing Dark Crystal Author Quest: All You Need to Know Hellboy 20th Anniversary Panel Indyfans: The World of Indiana Jones Nerdist Industries Pinky and the Brain 20th Anniversary Voice Reunion Roddenberry Entertainment Spotlight on George Pérez Spotlight on Gerry Conway: Secrets Behind the Death of Gwen Stacy Supercharge Your Superhero with Prismacolor! Comic-Con How-To: Disney Comic Creation Workshop
Getting Your Audience into Your Main Character’s Shoes with Chris Huntley
Vertigo: The Sandman 25th Anniversary and Beyond!
True Blood Panel and Q&A session Adventure Time Comic Book Panel African Diaspora Panel: Black Superheroes Unite Fantagraphics/Drawn & Quarterly Preview Spotlight on Paul Dini
Person of Interest Special Video Presentation and Q&A Behind the Scenes with Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead Game Series Being Human Comic Book Art Fundamentals Cosplaying 102: Intermediate and Advanced Costuming Hasbro: Marvel Spotlight on Vera Brosgol Team Cul de Sac The Power of Geek: Superfandom and Why Brands, Media, and the World at Large Want In Oddball Comics with Scott Shaw!
Robert Williams Mr. Bitchin’
Warner Bros. and DC Entertainmen: Superman’s 75th Anniversary Celebration 20th Century Fox
The Vampire Diaries Special Video Presentation and Q&A Archaia Entertainment: Announcements, Sneak Previews, and What’s Next! Comics and Prose: The Graphic Novel Hybrid Poppin’ Some Tags What’s Next at Image Comics That ’70s Panel
Revolution Special Video Presentation and Q&A
[adult swim]: Rick and Morty Beautiful Books: Graphic Design in Comics and Graphic Novels BrickJournal: LEGO as an Art Form Name That Movie Spotlight on Sam Kieth Storytellers: Disney/ABC Knows Talent! Warehouse 13
Arrow Special Video Presentation and Q&A Comic-Con How-To: Portrait Painting Demonstration: Introducing Online Training in the Watts Atelier Method
Four-Day Comic Book Challenge Jeff Smith and Terry Moore Spotlight on J. Michael Straczynski Star Trek Enterprise Bridge Restoration and Sci-Fi Museum Gays in Comics XXVI
Batman: The Animated Series Turns 21 [adult swim]: Aqua TV Show Show, Squidbillies, Superjail, King Star King, and Mr. Pickles
The Comic King of Guatemala The Tomorrow People Pilot Screening and Q&A
Cosmos: A SpaceTime Odyssey Dissecting Brands: How Do You Know What Makes Batman Batman? Financing Your Dream: Kickstarter Fundraising Marvel Studios: Thor: The Dark World and Captain America: The Winter Soldier Spiritual Themes in Comics Spotlight on Leonard Maltin Watch_Dogs: Does Privacy Exist? What’s New at Action Lab Entertainment
Devoted to the Dark Side
Her Universe: Geek Girl Fashion: A Dialogue Between Fashion Professionals and Fans Lion Forge Comics Fall Lineup: Knight Rider, AirWolf, Saved by the Bell, Punky Brewster, Miami Vice, and more! Saints Row IV Super Dangerous Wub Wub Panel The Art of Play: How the ’90s Changed Action Figures from Toys to Collectibles
Nightmare Factory
Best and Worst Manga of 2013 From Comic Book King to Fine Artist Extraordinaire: A Chat with Robert Williams Gaia Online Gays Comic Fan Mixer and Silent Auction Science Channel: Unexplained Files Strike Back Stripped: The Comics Documentary
Lost Girl: Season 3 and Beyond ComiKev 2013: Kevin Smith Uses His Mouth on You in Hall H
Angry Asian Media Makers Creating Models and Props for Your Favorite Movies and Shows The Con of Wrath YOE! Books: Pre-Code Comics’ Worst Horror: Dr. Fredric Wertham! CBLDF Live Art Auction!
Rude Dude: The Steve Rude Documentary Science Fiction Land Star Wars Trivia Game Show Valiant Comics: The Unofficial ‘Second Summer of Valiant’ World Building and Story Development Hall H and Ballroom 20 Saturday Panel Playback
Femme Fatales Revealed: Looks Still Kill as the Hit TV Series Comes Home
H. P. Lovecraft and the Necronomicon: 75 years of Mingling Fact and Fiction HBO Presents the Comic-Con International Masquerade HBO Presents the Comic-Con International Masquerade – Overflow 5AB HBO Presents the Comic-Con International Masquerade – Overflow 6A
Troma: Return to Nuke ‘Em High
DC Comics 101: Essentials


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