The Saturday schedule is now LIVE!

You can view it here!

Saturday is definitely going to be my day of SDCC and here’s why:


I’m lifelong Simpsons fan! I’ve loved this show for YEARS! It’s my favorite show! And this will be my first time seeing creator Matt Groening in person! Still thinking about how I’ll handle it without fainting..

2. Futurama!!

While I’ve been a lifelong Matt Groening fan, I just recently (last year) got into Futurama! And it became my 2nd favorite show very quick! It’s hilarious and I die laughing almost every episode. It’s also their farewell panel. 😥


I LOVE THE SHOW!! Never been to a Being Human panel before and this is a must on my list!!

4. Her Universe panel!!

I discovered Her Universe during Dragon*Con of 2010. I met Ashley and she was super nice and I loved all the cool things she was doing! I’ve been a fan ever since!

That’s it! Those are my panels!

Let me know what your most excited for in the comments! I’d love to hear. 😉


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