Today’s Everyday Cosplay is Dexter Morgan! With Dexter’s final season premiering this Sunday, I thought I’d do a cosplay all about Dexter!

Let’s get started!

Everyday Cosplay: Dexter – Mens version!

Dexter Cosplay copy copy

Dexter thermal from the Showtime store!

Department Badge from the Showtime store!

‘Dexter’ slim skinny jeans from Nordstrom!

Dr. Martens Men’s Pier Boot from Amazon!

But if you’re looking for a cheaper dark green long sleeve shirt, Nordstrom has one on sale. But it only comes in X-Small, X-Large, and XX-Large.

TOTAL: $222.30

It may seem like a lot for shoes, but Dr. Martens are really good material and will last you a while. Of course this is just to give you ideas, so if you find anything that looks similar and a lot cheaper definitely get them!

Everyday Cosplay: Dexter – Women’s version!

DexterCosplay 2 copy

The same Dexter shirt I used in the Men’s version. It’s an official Dexter shirt and thought it’d be perfect for BOTH outfits! -Showtime store!

Moto ‘Leigh’ Acid Wash Skinny Jeans – Nordstrom!

‘1461 W’ Oxford – Nordstrom

TOTAL: $174.89

Now go out and get your Dexter on! 😉


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