It’s almost time for COMIC CON 2013!!!

That being said, here’s a list of items you should have ready by now just to be safe!

1. Have your chargers all ready. Definitely your portable ones. You may think you have everything, you just need to look for it, but you never know. You could’ve lost and need to order another one!

2. YOUR CLOTHES. Costumes, accessories, jewelry, etc,,, HAVE THESE READY. That’s the most important part of SDCC.

3. Portable chairs. Have your seat ready for SDCC. REMEMBER: No LARGE chairs. Portables ones for sure. This pocket chair is actually a really good one.

4. What your going to eat/drink! Have your water bottles, protein bars and snacks ready! If your on a diet, have your guidelines ready!

5. Have your list of panels and booths ready! You may not remember them by the time SDCC comes round!

6. Have all your hotel information ready!

7. Have your flight information ready! Double check the times to make sure you aren’t late!

8. HAVE YOUR LIST OF SDCC EXCLUSIVES READY! If your wanting some exclusives this is a MUST!

Hope this helped if you forgot anything! 🙂



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