Time for part two of my favorite SDCC exclusives! It’s getting closer and closer everyday and more and more exclusives are being released! So here we go…

R2-B1 bank!

When Nerds Attack has all the info on this awesome bank!!



The Gentle Giant Boba Fett Deluxe Mini Bust – SDCC 2013 EXCLUSIVE!



The Funko POP! Vinyl Tony Stark!



And those are my second favorites. I’m going to try my hardest to get the Tony Stark POP! Vinyl figure! I love it!

Travis The Grimm is now on Twitter, Vine, and Pinterest! Our site now has the Twitter widget and a “Pin It” button! (So make sure you pin all your favorite SDCC exclusives!) And make sure you follow us on Twitter, Instagram, (I’ll be posting videos with the new update during SDCC) and Pinterest @travisthegrimm! We’re also on Vine! Just search “Travis The Grimm”!

(P.S. TONIGHT is the final season premiere of FUTURAMA! I’m so sad, but make sure to check it out on Comedy Central @ 10:00 pm! :D)


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