Let me start off by saying I’m SO EXCITED FOR WINTER SOLDIER. It’s probably my most look forward too Marvel movie besides Guardians of  The Galaxy. So I’ve been on tumblr a lot lately looking at photos people have been taking of the Winter Solider set and oh boy did it get me about 111% more excited! It looks like it’s going to be amazing! I  put a bunch of photos I found from the tumblr tag ‘Winter Soldier’ together and thought I’d share them with you so you can experience how great it looks!


Please note: I did not take any of the following photos or take credit for them. I just thought they’d be great to share.

tumblr_mnu1dgZkHK1s6bkd5o1_500 tumblr_mnu1rylTRh1qh7is7o1_250 tumblr_mnu1rylTRh1qh7is7o2_250 tumblr_mnu1rylTRh1qh7is7o3_250 tumblr_mnu1rylTRh1qh7is7o4_250 tumblr_mnu1rylTRh1qh7is7o5_250 tumblr_mnu1rylTRh1qh7is7o6_250 tumblr_mnu3gxrIuI1s8j7wyo1_500 tumblr_mnu3u9EgN71s8j7wyo1_500 tumblr_mnu3u9EgN71s8j7wyo2_250 tumblr_mnu3u9EgN71s8j7wyo3_500 tumblr_mnu3u9EgN71s8j7wyo4_250 tumblr_mnu6q8ee441qhj7wqo2_500 tumblr_mnu30aTa4E1qzg583o1_500 tumblr_mnu30aTa4E1qzg583o2_500 tumblr_mnu30aTa4E1qzg583o3_500 tumblr_mnu30aTa4E1qzg583o4_500 tumblr_mnu30aTa4E1qzg583o5_r1_500 tumblr_mnuaoodPAh1r844rco2_500 tumblr_mnuekl7feW1r1prvdo1_500 tumblr_mnueqhMo401r1prvdo1_500

It looks amazing, right?! Enjoy!

What Marvel movie are looking forward to the most? Let me know in the comments! 😀


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