The news that made the internet cry.

That’s right. Matt Smith will be exiting BBC’s hit show Doctor Who at the end of the year. He will appear in the long awaited 50th anniversary special and then have one last adventure on the Doctor Who Christmas special… and then…. he regenerates.

This news makes me so sad. Matt Smith was my first Doctor. I was late to the DW game and didn’t start watching till June of last year. I loved all the other Doctor’s, but 11th was my favorite.

Everyone was so sure another regeneration wouldn’t happen till maybe the series 8 finale or sometime in the 9 series. But no. It makes me sad to think that not only will he be gone, but we only get 2 more episodes of him being 11.  (That’s how it sounds right now.)

This and the fact that it is Doctor Who’s 50 anniversary has guaranteed that the Doctor Who panel at SDCC in Hall H will be PACKED. I wasn’t sure if I was going to cosplay as the 11th Doctor. I just wasn’t sure when the right time would be, but I’ve now officially decided I will be cosplaying as the 11th at the Doctor Who panel. And yes, I will be camping out all night for that panel. I’m so nervous because now were in the stage of saying, “SDCC is next month.” How crazy is that? Time flies by. Any who, (see what I did there?), I digress.

Yes, I am super sad that Matt Smith is leaving.

Yes, I will miss him being the Doctor SO MUCH.

But yes, we all knew this time was coming. We just didn’t think it’d be this soon.

I still haven’t compiled all of my feelings yet, but one thing is for sure, I’m pretty excited (in a sad way) to see who they pick to play the 12th Doctor. It sure will be interesting.

Read the full article with all the information you need (excluding who will play 12th) here:

If you could be anybody to play the Doctor, who would you pick and why? Leave a comment and let me know. 🙂




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