First off, Happy Memorial Day!


After a 8 year hiatus, Arrested Development has returned back to our screens.

15 episodes premiered yesterday on Netflix kicking off the 4th season of AD. This time though, instead of 22 minutes, they are now 33-35 minutes per episode… Which gives us MORE BLUTH! WOO-HOO!

I watched all of them yesterday/today. I finished near 1:30 am. I kept telling myself that I would save some for tomorrow, but they were just so good I couldn’t stop watching! I’m so happy that it’s back and I hope they make a season 5 because that was just too awesome! With this season though, it was more like one big story. Every episode connected to each other. It was a really cool way to make a comeback and tell the story!


It’s pretty exciting. Not only that it’s back, but that Netflix helped bring it back. This gives people hope that some TV shows that are more beloved now than when they premiered might make a comeback.

So if you don’t have Netflix, this should persuade you to get Netflix. It’s worth it!


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