Helpful tips for San Diego Comic Con!

1. Wear comfortable shoes. You’ll be walking around a lot and need to feel comfy!

2. Bring snacks. Protein bars and water. And remember to eat. Their are so many people who get wrapped up in the excitement/fun of the convention they forget to eat.

3. Prepare to wait in LONG lines and to get there early.

4. Buy a portable phone charger. It’ll be your lifesaver. You’ll be using your phone in lines a lot and might not be able to get an outlet.

5. Don’t get upset if you don’t get to see who/what you came for. You’ll be upset at first, but then a second later you’ll see something new!

6. HAVE FUN! It’s a convention! It’s made to have fun at!

These are some of the most common tips for SDCC that I rounded up. Hope some of them were helpful!


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