(spoiler free)

Star Trek Into Darkness was amazing beyond words.

It picked up a couple years after the first movie and had you hooked from the beginning. I think I was more excited to see Benedict than the actual movie. I am a HUGE fan of Sherlock and was super excited to see him on the big screen! I was actually rooting for the villain. The whole cast did an amazing job! And when Noel Clarke had a conversation with Benedict Cumberbatch, I lost it! I think the fandom exploded. You really need to watch this movie to see who Benedict Cumberbatch really is…. That’s one shocker I didn’t see coming. I also like that they had some Klingon in this movie. It was a really nice touch.

One of my favorite scenes was when Benedict and Spock had the big fight near the end. The reason I call Benedict Benedict is because telling you his real name would basically ruin the movie.

I kept this short because I can’t really say much without spoiling it. This movie really topped the last one in a big way. It’s been a while, but it was worth the wait. And if you want to know what happened between the last movie and this one, play the game. It’s a gap filler.


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