So the Doctor Who season finale was just a few minutes ago…… one word: woah.

First off, I threw a Doctor Who themed party! It was great! I went shopping earlier today after watching Star Trek Into Darkness. (More on that tomorrow when I post my review. Hint: It was perfect.) I bought everything I need to make all the DW themed food I wanted.

Here we go:

My Tardis cake. Yes, it’s a mess and I ran out of white icing and I couldn’t find black icing so I used brown, but I love it! πŸ™‚


Fish fingers n custard. I forgot to take a picture of the custard, but I made it from scratch. I wasn’t sure how the 2 would taste together, but it wasn’t bad.


I made sonic screwdrivers! The recipe is in the link I shared on my last post. It was delicious! Like really delicious.



Jammy Dodgers!!!! My first time making them from scratch. They were actually really good. I didn’t realize how long they have to be in the fridge, so I couldn’t make them in time for the premiere. So we ate them as after-who snacks.


The whole setup. We also had a party tray of ham, crackers and cheese!


What better way to serve all this Doctor Who themed food than on Tardis blue plates. And to eat them with Tardis blue forks, knives and spoons. And then drink a sonic screwdriver from Tardis blue cups!


I had super fun making all these food and I think the party went really good!

Now onto my review of the final episode of series 7:



It was amazing/great/sad/frustrating! AHHH!!!! The opening was the best. It clarified who Clara was right then and there. I didn’t see it coming that she was protecting every doctor or that was her job. But I liked it. It was a surprise, but I loved the flashbacks of all the old Doctors. Then River appeared and… I just loved it so much! The graveyard with the Tardis was amazing & it was cool to see The Intelligence again. I was on edge the whole episode just wondering when he would tell us his name. I thought it would come unexpectedly, but NO. I don’t want to write about that part on here. You really need to watch it.

But the ending was the craziest part. Totally unexpected. I was shocked.

What did it say?

John Hurt as The Doctor.

I’m pretty sure the fandom lost it. I lost it, I know that. I don’t think it’s possible to wait till November 23rd for the 50th anniversary.

I give this episode 5/5 Daleks!

For the fans who helped keep this finale a secret after some Blu-ray’s were shipper out earlier this month, BBC has rewarded us with this amazing video feature Matt Smith and David Tennant:

I hope you liked the finale as much as I did!

This ends Doctor Who week! I had so much fun posting about Doctor Who everyday! I can’t wait till November to do it again!

Doctor Who week schedule:

5/14: How To Cosplay: The 11th Doctor from Doctor Who!

5/15: How to Cosplay: The 10th Doctor from Doctor Who!

5/16: How to Cosplay: The 9th Doctor from Doctor Who!

5/17: Doctor Who party tips!

5/18: Doctor Who: Party & Review!

All done! Till tomorrow when I post my review for Star Trek Into Darkness! Goodnight!


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