The Doctor Who season finale is tomorrow! It’s a REALLY big episode! If your like me and think it deserves a party, then here are some tips, ideas and recipes:

1. BBC has some great Doctor Who inspired foods and drinks:

2. This cookbook is EVERYTHING. I LOVE IT. I was lucky to get it for free when it first came out, but it’s definitely worth the money. Dining With The Doctor: The Unauthorized Whovian Cookbook from Amazon,


3. Pinterest is a great place to check for awesome ideas!

4. I’m going to bake a Tardis cake. Just take any regular cake mix, put it in a square pan and decorate it like the Tardis with blue, black and white icing!

5. JAMMY DODGERS. Yes, you can buy them in-store, but there’s plenty of recipes online if you can’t find them near you.

6. Apples with faces on them.

7. Of course Fish Fingers and Custard.

8. Blue Drinks!

9. Get a big chalk board and decorate it with whatever Doctor Who thing you love!

10. Tardis blue. Everything Tardis blue.

11. Doctor Who 7.2 marathon!

12. Like any Whovian, you must tumblr the night away.

13. Dress like The Doctor and/or Clara.

14. Tardis lights!

15. The most important rule: Have fun! Be creative and come up with your own stuff.

I hope everyone has fun tomorrow! It’s a big night for us Whovians… I’m still not ready to know his name.


Doctor Who week schedule:

5/14: How To Cosplay: The 11th Doctor from Doctor Who!

5/15: How to Cosplay: The 10th Doctor from Doctor Who!

5/16: How to Cosplay: The 9th Doctor from Doctor Who!

5/17: Doctor Who party tips!

5/18: Doctor Who: Party & Review!


One thought on “Doctor Who Party Tips!

  1. What about some things from before Matt Smith’s time? Bananas (9 and 10), Jelly Babies (4), salami sandwiches (4 again), thick-cut marmalade (Wishing Well), tea (just the thing for healing the synapses), cupcakes with edible ball bearings on top (similar to nonpareils only bigger, from the episode The Idiot’s Lantern), red wine, chocolate oranges (Planet of the Dead)…Oh! and celery (keeps us safe from gasses we’re allergic to and is good for our teeth)!

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