The 9th Doctor doesn’t have to many accessories associated with him, so his list is little, but hopefully helpful!

First up is the 9th Doctor’s costume tee from Forbidden Plant,




These leather jackets from,, reminded me of the 9th Doctor. They’re expensive, but it’s more of an idea on what to look for.




And pair it with a dark purple shirt and you got the top of the 9th Doctor!


Of course to finish, you would use some dark black/blue pants and some dress shoes and you’re all ready to go. Plus this outfit could be worn everyday!

Of course you need a sonic screw driver! Like this one from Amazon,




But if you’re just a big fan of the 9th Doctor, you can’t go wrong with this 9th Doctor with Rose tee from Amazon,




As you can see, the ninth Doctor doesn’t have many options, but if you’re creative you can make your own costume!

Even though this list is short, I hope it helps! Enjoy!

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