Today I bring you some ideas on how to cosplay as the 10th Doctor from Doctor Who! The 10th Doctor is definitely a fan favorite. These outfits range from low to high! Hope you enjoy!

The first outfit is really a “I’m the biggest 10th Doctor fan!” So whenever the copy of the 10th Doctor comes back from parallel universe you’ll be ready!

ALLONS-Y! And get this shirt from Hottopic,



And pair it with this awesome pin from Hottopic,



Also, you should carry this limited edition 10th Doctor’s sonic screwdriver pen around with you! It’s good for writing and getting into doors…. as long as they’re not wood. From Hottopic:



Next is the most simplest costume ever. The 10th Doctor’s costume tee from ThinkGeek,



Now for the BBC official authentic replica of David Tennants coat from ThinkGeek,



As it says, this is for serious cosplayers.

You could also carry around this Journal of Impossible Things and mini sonic screwdriver pen from ThinkGeek,



But what would the 10th Doctor be without his trusty sonic screwdriver from Amazon,



Now this is a outfit that you can wear everyday and might already do. These are regular clothes that represent the 10th Doctor!

A dark blue Converse One Star Men’s Long Sleeve Hoodie from Target,


Screenshot (14)

A plain white tee:


Social Collision Dark Blue Skinny Fit Jeans from Hottopic,

Plus they’re on sale for $14.33!


And to top of the list, Red Converse!


Screenshot (13)

I hope this list helps. These are just some ideas that go from simple to hardcore cosplayer. Enjoy!

And tell me, are you going to cosplay as the 10th Doctor at any upcoming conventions? I’d love to know!

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One thought on “How To Cosplay: The 10th Doctor from Doctor Who!

  1. Hmm… Not a big fan of the Hot Topic shirts. Sometimes they’re awesome but others are just cheap and stupid. I don’t blame the store, I blame whoever thought those designs were cool. I can see how the casual stuff is supposed to represent the tenth Doctor but I would go a little on the formal side, like a white/blue collared shirt, a brown jacket (not a hoodie), the red converse and the blue jeans.
    This is all just my opinion, though.

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