How was YOUR Free Comic Book Day?! Well, I hope it was great even if you had to wait in really, REALLY long lines.

This was my first year actually participating in Free Comic Book Day. By that, I mean in past years, I’ve gotten some of the FCBD exclusive comics, but never went out to get them. 

I went to my local comic book shop which was packed! I waited outside in line in the cold, but it was worth it! I got a bunch of free comics! It was awesome! My favorites were: Star Wars, The Simpsons, and The Walking Dead. But what made the day even better wasn’t even the free comics. While I was waiting in line I spotted issues #1-#10 of Hawkeye!!! I’ve been wanting to get them for awhile and never could find back issues, but I had found them! And then to top it off at the register they had a Hawkeye #7 signed by Fraction, Hamm, and Lieber! I was SO EXCITED.

I had a blast and I can’t wait till next year…. and to top it off, I went and saw Iron Man 3 again. It was even better the second time.


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