Todays hasn’t been a very good day of news for Star Wars fans. Disney has, yet again, cancelled even more parts of the Star Wars franchise.

Today, April 3rd, 2013, Disney shutdown Lucas Arts.

I, and every other Star Wars fan, are really sad at this news. I have no clue what Disney is thinking. They’re making everyone so upset and nervous. They’re taking everything the Star Wars franchise is and throwing it all away.  Yes, at first I understood them not re-releasing Star Wars episodes 1-3 in 3D. I still thought they should since they released episode one, but it was a small and non-effective change. But then the big news came. Star Wars: The Clone Wars was cancelled. I couldn’t believe it. We all thought TCW was heading to Disney Channel, NOT getting the boot. I really couldn’t believe that they would cancel such a big part of the Star Wars universe. I thought, “Maybe their taking all the people who’ve worked on The Clone Wars and bring them to work on the new Star Wars trilogy”, but I was wrong. They all got fired instead. With that news, they also announced Star War Detours was on hold indefinitely. I was so excited for Detours. It looked hilarious and I could wait to see more. But, no, we won’t be seeing more. Now, today, we learn that Lucas Arts will be no more, which means they will not be releasing Star Wars 1313 and Star Wars: First Assault. I was so excited to play 1313. It looked amazing and I was so excited for a rated M Star Wars game. All this and they’ve only had Star Wars for 5 months.

I don’t know what Disney is thinking by canceling all these wonderful projects. When Disney bought Star Wars from George Lucas, us fans didn’t think that our Star Wars universe would shrink, we thought it would expand unto the unknown, become bigger than it has ever been. But no. It’s shrinking.

Everyone is tweeting their condolences to the all the talented people at Lucas Arts. So, if you love Lucas Arts and everything they’ve done for us, let them know.

That’s it for my little rant. Unlikely as it seems, I really do hope Disney has some sort of plan to fix all of this, or at least, make it better. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this in the comments.


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