Today was quite an eventful day. I was searching for some Star Wars R2D2 treat containers and no luck. After that I looked for Star Wars Legacy issue #1 and apparently no one has it in stock right now, but all was well when I was checking out and spotted this:


It’s an Ahsoka Tano Pez dispenser! I was so excited to own this, probably because Ahsoka Tano is one of my favorite characters from The Clone Wars. But while I was looking at it later, it made me sad to think that this wonderful universe of The Clone Wars might be disappearing from all our lives. I think this decision that Disney has made is horrible. I don’t know what they were thinking. Yes, we’ll be getting “Bonus Content’, but I don’t want just “Bonus Content.” I want more seasons. Amy Ratcliffe has wrote a very helpful post on helping The Clones Wars that you can read here:

I’ve sent my letters and I hope you guys all do the same and help try to save this show. But do be kind when writing. Just express your love for the show and tell them how much it means to you and why they shouldn’t cancel this amazing series.


3 thoughts on “Helping Save The Clone Wars!

      1. A new direction, hmm? I guess it’s good that they’re focusing on their attention on the new trilogy, but I don’t understand why that has to be to the exclusion of all else!

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