Easter is just around the corner! And, like I always says, every occasion can use a little Star Wars! If your not sure what to buy, here is some ideas that might help make it easier.

1. Darth Vader treat holders!


Darth Vader treat containers. These could be used as Easter eggs in an Easter egg hunt. You could also buy some Star Wars Mighty Beans and make that the prize. These are sold also in R2D2 and Yoda. (Sorry couldn’t find any pictures online.) You can buy these on Amazon, at ToysRus and Target.

2. Star Wars easter eggs!


This Star Wars Easter egg decorating kit is all kinds of cool. They also come in 3D. You can buy these in-stores and on Amazon.

3. Stormtrooper bunny!


This Stormtrooper chocolate bunny is hilarious. You can buy this on Amazon as well.

4. Clonetrooper basket!


Who wouldn’t want to find Star Wars Easter eggs and put them in this Clone Trooper basket? This is also on Amazon.

5. More Darth Vader treat holders!


I’d buy these Darth Vader Easter egg heads even if it wasn’t Easter.

6. Han Solo… in chocolate! 


And last, but not least Han Solo in carbonite…. chocolate. This is one of my favorite gifts ever. Whether it’s Easter, Valentines Day, Christmas, or Friday. It’s available on ThinkGeek.

And that’s it! I hope helps you have an amazing Star Wars filled easter and if you have your own ideas for a Star Wars easter, don’t forget to leave a comment!

UPDATE: My watching of Clone Wars seasons 1-5 is going well. I’m almost done with season one. (I know that’s slow, but I have an excuse…. The Hobbit came out this week.)


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